Breakfast With a View


The dream breakfast I had ♡

In my last article I presented you the Villa Ana Margarida where I stayed at for a week in Ericeira. And in this article I showed you a cozy corner with two beds surrounding the ocean. We were actually calling this corner “our living room” because every night we were sitting there watching the sunset with a glass of wine 🙂

 The first time I saw the beds, I thought “I wanna have breakfast here”. No sooner said that done, the next morning I was preparing the breakfast and wearing my white swimsuit. Yes, I needed my sexy white swimsuit to match my breakfast with a view, it’s all of or nothing with me 🙂

The breakfast was only composed of easy things: croissants, strawberries, kiwis, mangos, a small tomato salad and coffee but this was for mister only because I hate coffee so I stuck to mimosa champagne. The last but not the least we had pastel del nata on the table, the specialty of Portugal.

The food was delicious, the view was amazing, I was with my BF, the breakfast was a wrap, what more could I ask for?

What is your dream breakfast guys?

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Tuesday, 7th November 2017

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