Christmas Wishlist


My Christmas wishlist :)

Merry Christmas everyone ♡

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing great during the holiday season and that you are preparing yourselves well for Christmas Eve 🙂

I’ve been doing great, with my family we are getting ready to spend the Christmas Eve at the mountain side. We plan to go to Gérardmer, a small city in the Vosges. And please pray for me so that it snows over there. The city is known for having very few snow during Winter. Then you’re maybe asking yourself why we’re going there. It’s actually by chance, because my sister in law has an apartment there so we don’t have to pay for the housing 🙂

Anyway, I am not here to ask you to pray for me but rather to share my Christmas wishlist with you. I’ve decided to only show you the products I have actually asked to “Santa Klaus” unlike most bloggers who suggest presents to buy for your relatives. I have decided that for the simple reason that bloggers are already doing this job very well and that it would just be overwhelming or useless to do that as well. Or maybe I was just feeling lazy to do that 🙂

It is now time to go to the heart of the matter: my Christmas wishlist. It is quite short, otherwise it would go over thousands of Euros.

Christmas Wishlist: Hair products

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

This oil is pretty expensive, but I’ve only heard good stuff about it online. The founder of the brand is literaly one of my role models (cc Negin Mirsalehi), so Christmas is the good opportunity to get it.

Christmas wishlist Gabrielle Colette

A wooden brush

Since I am a kid, I’ve been dreaming about having hair down to my hips (God knows why) and it is still one of my goals today. I have already tried tones of pills to grow my hair (I mean only two kinds) and I am still looking for the miraculous pill (although I am sure it doesn’t exist). But some day, I randomly watched this video on YouTube , where she only sweared by her wooden brush. I thus think it is an accessory that I can keep on the long term and which is obviously only good for my hair. So of course I want one.

Christmas Wishlist Gabrielle Colette

Christmas wishlist : Jewels

Jewels bring a lot of style to an outfit (cc JuneSixtyFive). As a consequence one of my goals is to start a good-quality jewel collection, because I am honestly tired of jewels from h&m, which turn black after a month. I’ve recently discovered this brand LOU.YETU. I love the jewels they have, they are gold-plated so it is good-quality and they are also affordable.

Christmas Wishlist Gabrielle Colette

Christmas Whishlist : Fashion accessories

What I terribly miss in my wardrobe is a New Era cap! They have the best shape ever and the peak is perfectly bent. I need a basic one, like this one, simple and grey.

Christmas wishlist Gabrielle Colette

Christmas Wishlist : Couple present

Nowadays, we spend way too much time taking pictures, we take the same shot 20 times before getting the perfect picture (especially when you’re a blogger). So I wanna get back to essentiales and take pictures without “pressure”, just for fun and to create memories. With my BF, we thought a Polaroid camera would be a very nice present for the two of us.

Christmas wishlist Gabrielle Colette

You must have understood it, my Christmas wishlist is nothing exuberant (otherwise any item would costs at leats 300€), but only things that I need 🙂

And you, what do you want from Santa?

Much love,


Friday, 15th December 2017

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    • Jyoti
      15 December 2017 at 12 h 29 min
      What an amazing Christmas wishlist :) Nice! Have a great weekend! Beauty and Fashion Freaks
        19 December 2017 at 11 h 14 min
        Thank you Jyoti :) xx
    • Caitlin Mitchell
      17 December 2017 at 17 h 04 min
      Just found your blog. Love it!! Great post.
        19 December 2017 at 11 h 13 min
        Thank you for your positivity, I appreciate it :) xx

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