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Good waves ♡

If you enjoy surfing, Ericeira is for you. Ericeira surf life is real. Unfortunately, I didn’t surf myself because I am a bit afraid of waves and of the current. But my boyfriend did and it was heaven for him.

That’s easy, every single days the ocean was full of surfers of every levels. Even if I didn’t surf, one day I went with my boyfriend to his lesson to take pictures, and I could really feel the vibes of Ericeira surf life. Plus, the surf community there looks really welcoming and chill.

Besides, the surf spot is actually right next to the Vila Ana Margarida, so it is really advantageous if you’re staying here while doing a surf trip in Ericeira. You can find my article about it here & here.

What’s more, there are plenty of surf schools in Ericeira, but my boyfriend took his lessons in a small school called Surf Ericeira 365. If you compare it to the other schools, the benefit is that there are really few people at the lessons. My boyfriend never trained with more than 6 people at the same time, while some other schools trained 15 people at once. Besides, the trainers working at Surf Ericeira 365 are very very nice. The dad and the son give lessons together, the son is actually a professional surfer and the dad is a retired bank manager. They are both from Ericeira. They usually offer several lessons a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon depending on the tides times.

To finish, there is also a Quicksilver skatepark right in front of the surf spot!

I hope I convinced you about Ericeira surf life 🙂

 I really enjoyed taking these pictures!

And sorry if I spam you with pictures of my (handsome) boyfriend surfing … 🙂

Much love,


Monday, 30th October 2017

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