Fila Fever


The big comeback of Fila ♡

It is impossible to have missed the comeback of the brands such as Ellesse, Fila or Kappa. Urban Outfitters, JD sports and Zalando have so many pieces from these brands.

And honestly it feels so good to me. I have a big brother and believe me that I still remember very well seeing him wearing his Fila joggings feeling like a king in our neighborhood 20 years ago. Yeah, I was baby, I was like 5 years old, but I swear I remember those vibes. When I first saw the Fila collection in Urban Outfitters, I felt so nostalgic and I had to buy a shirt. I just couldn’t help but do it.

My next goal is to find a Kappa jogging and I want the yellow one to hang around during summer. And I already know with what I am gonna wear it: a black crop-top and my white boots (that you can see here). No it won’t look strange, it will look bomb. But unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere. My boyfriend tried to order it from the official website but obviously it couldn’t be shipped to London for some reasons. So if anyone knows how I can get it, please shout !! I know that Fila also has a yellow jogging pants but it is sold out. #badluck

I couldn’t find the exact same shirt on the Urban Outfitters website but you will find a large selection on it. The jeans were actually from Bershka but I found a similar one from Asos, same for the shoes.

Much love,


Monday, 31st July 2017

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    • Caitlin
      17 December 2017 at 17 h 39 min
      Love those jeans !! Really cool outfit. :)
        19 December 2017 at 11 h 12 min
        Thank you Caitlin!! xx

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