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The unmissable place of Lisbon ♡

LX Factory is the trendiest spot of Lisbon. Originally, the LX factory was a major manufacturing complex composed of threads and fabrics companies. As the site became abandoned over the years, it has now become a disinfected spot with modern companies.

Today, the LX factory is considered as a creative mini-city. The site is full of independent design shops and restaurants. Art is very present, and each wall is covered by graffitis. The atmosphere there is really chill, there are a lot of quotes on the walls, which will make you smile the whole way. Plus, you are sure to eat good food at the LX Factory. We had lunch in a sushi restaurant, it was okay, like average sushi. But then, we had desert in the cute blue van, and it was seriously one of the best cakes I ate. The company is called O Bolo da Marta and is specialized in meringue cakes. A real delight 🙂

Besides, you can also get tattooed there or get a haircut or a beard cut at the LX Factory.

To put in nutshell, the LX factory is the perfect place to chill on a Sunday and to escape from Lisbon city center. I honestly didn’t feel in Lisbon when there, it really reminded me of Berlin or Copenhagen.

The LX factory is a bit outside of the city center, but it is easily accessible by cab (and cabs are really cheap in Lisbon). It is located right next to the 25 de Abril Bridge.

Have you already visited the LX Factory? 🙂

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Tuesday, 05 December 2017

LX Factory Gabrielle Colette
LX Factory Gabrielle Colette
LX Factory Gabrielle Colette
LX Factory Gabrielle Colette
LX Factory Gabrielle Colette (21)
LX Factory Gabrielle Colette

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