Side Frill Zara Jeans


Fashion starts with a good pair of Zara jeans♡

Now it is official, summer is gone for good. In 14 days we’re in autumn, but it already feels like winter anyway. The thing is, as in July I was already wearing turtle necks, it is not such a shock to post my first autumn outfit. It was as if summer inexistent in London or in Paris. I still remember very well when I spent the Lollapalooza under the rain with my big jacket on.

But now it’s autumn, new season, new…. mood, new goals, new clothes? Yes new clothes!!

I am slowly buying new warmer clothes, and it has started with these new Zara jeans. I know, a new pair of jeans is not especially a warmer piece. But I saw them, I tried them on and I eventually bought them, you know how it is.

You may not know it or, but I love any clothing item with details, the little details, which will make the whole difference. I can’t say that these Zara jeans aren’t making a difference. The side frill makes the whole beauty and originality of the jeans and that’s what I love 🙂

Besides, here is a small update on my life: In exactly, I mean more or less one week, I’ll be done with the London College of Fashion, and I will especially be done with my dissertation. You can imagine that I can’t wait for it, because my “after dissertation treat” is a trip to Portugal!!!

Much love,


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    • Tameka Dimmick
      4 February 2018 at 13 h 04 min
      Nice post i like it 10K much buddy!
    • Arthur Bia
      12 February 2018 at 10 h 48 min
      Sinhala: ?? ?? ?????? ???????. ;-)

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