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About Gabrielle Colette.

Gabrielle Colette is a fashion blog that aims to inspire you and to give you the fashion tips you need.

I am 24 and I just finished studying my MA at the London College of Fashion. Don’t get me wrong guys, I do not study design as I am unable to hold a pen or to draw an apple, and I have to say that sewing a button is a struggle for me (but I am getting better with the years). So you may have guessed it I am rather studying Fashion Business, and more precisely Fashion Entrepreneurship.

As a consequence I just left London and I currently back to France. I said “currently” because I am a big globetrotter at heart. Indeed, in the past three years I lived in four different cities: Paris, LA, Munich, Berlin and London either to work, either to study. But to be honest my heart belongs to LA, where I want to settle down for good #lifegoal.

I am originally from Paris. I mean kind of…. Let’s be honest, I was born and raised in a small city in Normandy that you probably you don’t know. That’s exactly why I like saying I am from Paris, it sounds more stylish. I have spent many years of my life in Paris so I am not 100% lying when saying this. Although, it gets really tricky when curious people ask me what part of Paris I am from, I always get blocked and I don’t know what to say…

About the blog.

My wishlist is full of affordable clothes as I rarely buy items, which cost more than £60. Fashion is style not price. Nonetheless, my yolo wishlist is the opposite. It only has (very) expensive items that I can’t afford but of which I am envious of. Come on girls, we are all dreaming of the newest Gucci bag !! I just hope the yolo wishlist will become a normal wishlist in a few years.

Then, of course there is the page “Shop my Insta”, where can find most of the clothes I am wearing on my Instagram pictures, that are not in my blog articles.

Hope that you will like taking this fashion journey with me and do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiries about me, my blog or if you want to collaborate with me.

PS: I am a junk food addict (I don’t always like going to the gym for all that and I hate tofu).

E-mail: gabrie.colette@gmail.com you can also use the form in my “contact” page.

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